CAC’s Featured High School Artist: Mariam Aziz

Periodically, the Carmel Arts Council will feature work from members of our High School Division Art. In April, we’re proud to present Mariam Aziz’s work in the Children’s Art Gallery on Main Street.

Artist Statement

MiriamMy name is Mariam Aziz, an artist from Carmel High School. My artwork features diverse themes varying from Arabic calligraphy to landscapes to pop art. I love exploring different media, but my absolute favorite is painting.

Art has definitely broadened my perspective both, as an artist and a viewer. As an artist, I came to understand, that no one will truly value art unless they have been through the complexities of its creation, because the final piece is all they see. And ironically, no one will ever critique your art as much as you do either.

By now, I realized the importance of art in my life, for it never fails to be a perfect source of relief and expression of emotions.

After accomplishing a new piece, I always feel like I gained new strengths and capabilities that would help me overcome some of the toughest challenges of creating art and deal with the stress of everyday life. As a student of Art, I learned to consider the amount of effort and thought behind every piece of art and to search for the beauty and significance within it, which gave me a deeper appreciation for the works of others. In addition, after going through “accidents” with several of my pieces, I came to the conclusion that there are no mistakes in art; in fact every mistake could be a spark that ignites a flow of new ideas and creativity.

I am looking forward to being part of the World’s Smallest Children’s Art Gallery and I am really excited to exhibit my art work there this April. I hope to present to the viewers a new and different perspective of art.

About the Artist

Mariam, a junior at Carmel High School is a member of the Carmel Arts Council: High School Division and has been a member of Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council (CMYC) for four years. This year she was elected to be the Clerk-treasurer of CMYC.

Mariam is trilingual and enjoys learning about other cultures and making new friends. She is a member of the National German Honors Society. She is also the President of the Indiana Association of Students of German and Vice President of The Teen Library Council at the Carmel Clay Public Library.

In her free time, Mariam enjoys running, travelling, volunteering, photography, ceramics, drawing, painting and learning new languages. She also likes to spend time with her Youth group at the mosque on Sundays.

This is the very first time for Mariam to display her art publicly outside of Carmel High School; she appreciates the opportunity to share her art with the Carmel community. In the future, she would like to pursue a profession in the medical field, while still exploring art and learning new languages.

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