Carmel Arts Council continues its Summer Art Show, The Idle Mind -July 7-August 27th

The Carmel Arts Council’s opening night reception for The Idle Mind welcomed over 300 people to the exhibition!  Refreshments were served and the CAC’s student curators gave a presentation about their show.

Alex and Caroline, will again, be in the CAC’s Children’s Art Gallery on August 11th from 5 until 9pm, to discuss their exhibit.  All is welcome to attend and we look forward to seeing you!

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Here’s just a sampling of the outstanding art that our curators have selected for their exhibit


The CAC is excited to present our summer art show, The Idle Mind

This art show features a high school art exhibition which was produced by the 2017 Carmel Arts Council student curators, Carmel High School senior, Caroline Armstrong and Carmel High School junior, Alex Thomas.

The high school art selected for this show was chosen specifically to illustrate the theme of the show and focuses on dreams and their ability to spur unpredictable thoughts. The artwork in the exhibit captures concepts that contain a wide scope and keen insight into the human experience of consciousness. When the brain is most disconnected from thinking, it is most connected to the subconscious stream of ideas. The exhibit displays the sophisticated nature of light sleep and the dormant mind along with the daydreams of drifting minds.

The student organized art exhibit is the product of the Carmel Arts Council’s “Emerging Curator Program” and was designed to provide a summer art show for the Carmel Arts Council.

The Idle Mind will open on July 7th and continue until August 27th. The Carmel Arts Council will host an opening night reception on July 8th from 5 until 9pm in the CAC’s Children’s Art Gallery. Refreshments will be provided and the CAC’s student curators will give a brief presentation about the show at 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend!

The Carmel Arts Council’s Children’s Art Gallery is located at 40 West Main Street, in Carmel’s Arts and Design District.

The Emerging Curator Program, was developed in 2014 by CAC members Donna Tutwiler and Harriet Warkel to allow qualified high school students an opportunity to investigate career paths in the fields of art and museum gallery curation by planning and building an art show. The CAC’s student curators benefit from the tutelage of Mrs. Warkel who is an Indianapolis Museum of Art Curator Emerita of American Painting and Sculpture.

This show also grants high school art students a chance to compete for space in an art exhibition as the curators select the art which they feel best fits their theme.

Caroline and Alex- Thank you for your hard work and dedication!  We all look forward to seeing The Idle Mind!

IMG_0961 CACThomas

Caroline Armstrong                             Alex Thomas


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