September Children’s Art Gallery Exhibits

The CAC is proud to present two Exhibits during the month of September.  We welcome everyone to our Gallery to view the awesome art that will be on display.

The World’s Smallest Children’s Art Gallery – The Kindergarten through 8th grade art students from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School worked together to create a “Modern Cathedral”.

Each student worked on a stained glass design depicting symbols describing how they wanted to be known when they reached “sainthood”. To achieve this effect the art students used a mixture of media which included markers, pastels and colored pencils.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s Art Teacher, Mrs. Desiree Hinshaw, is in her first year of teaching Art at OLMC. Mrs. Hinshaw reports that in her new job she “witnessed a great effort in working as a community to ensure the success of a child, as well as encouraging each other to look towards Christ.”

Mrs. Hinshaw had her students work together in order to create a work of art which would depict the “essence” of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

The Gallery Annex

The CAC’s Community Art exhibit will feature a collection of art by the members of Carmel High School’s newly formed National Art Honor Society.

The National Art Honor Society is a national organization designed specifically to recognize high school art student with outstanding ability and interest in the visual arts. NAHS students participate in collaborative art projects that benefit their individual personal artistic growth, the Carmel High School community and the city of Carmel.

The artwork in this exhibition represents the talents of the founding members of the National Art Honor Society chapter at Carmel High School.

 Open House – September 9th – The CAC will host an open house for the National Arts Honor Society chapter of Carmel High School on Saturday, September 9th from 2 until 4pm.

 Open House – September 10th – The CAC will host an open house for the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School on Sunday, from 2pm until 4pm.

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