Come see what’s new at the CAC Children’s Gallery for October!

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The World’s Smallest Children’s Art Gallery – The Prairie Trace Elementary Art students present An Artist’s Voice; Collaborative Voices on Visual Display. This art exhbit is focused on expressing the passions of the young artists at Prairie Trace.

Students at Prairie Trace were challenged by their Art teacher, Mrs. Carnahan, to take the time to think about “things” that they deeply care about; “things” such as what they hope for in the future, “things” they are passionate about pursuing and “things” that stirred their heart and emotions.

Each student at Prairie Trace worked on taking those “things” and translating them into art thus enabling these students to “find their own voice through Art”.

Once the students completed their individual artwork the pieces were put together, by grade level, creating a “cohesive” voice for that grade.

About the Art Teacher – Catherine Carnahan has been teaching Art at Prairie Trace Elementary for 6 years and enjoys teaching a combination of Art History, Media Exploration and Creative thinking. Mrs. Carnahan reports that her students inspire her to find new teaching opportunities to share with them.


The Gallery Annex – The Gallery Annex will showcase new art from the Carmel, Clay and Creekside Middle Schools and Carmel High School.

The CAC’s Community Art exhibit will feature a collection of elementary student art created by art students from Kawachinagano, Japan.

Kawachinagano, Japan has been Carmel’s “Sister City” since 1994 and every year since then the two cities exchange student art. The Carmel Arts Council has been proud to be included in this program. It is a wonderful way that students from these two cities can learn about each other’s cultures.

This year the young artists used “Sumi” ink, which is a special black ink, to draw outlines and detail for their artwork. Next, they applied glue with a brush and put layers of colored, thin Japanese paper over the images they created. When the student applied the layers of papers to the lines a wonderful effect was created.



On September 20th the Carmel Arts Council awarded each of their two student curators, Caroline Armstrong and Alex Thomas, an award for successfully completing the CAC’s Emerging Curator Program and a scholarship of $150.00.



Open House – The Carmel Arts Council will host an open house for Prairie Trace Elementary students and their families and friends on October 8th from 2 until 4pm. The public is welcome to attend.

Arts and Design Scavenger Hunt – The Carmel Arts Council will participate in the October Scavenger Hunt, October 14th from 5 until 9pm.


INTERESTING GALLERY FACTS – The Carmel Arts Council welcomed almost 1700 people to their gallery to see the Carmel Arts Council’s two art exhibitions The Idle Mind and the Portfolios of the 2017 Visual Arts Scholarship Winners, this past summer.


Exhibitors – College Wood Elementary, the CCSS Middle Schools, Carmel High School and the winning scholarship art from the Carmel International Arts Festival.

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