Come see what’s new at the CAC Children’s Gallery for October!

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The World’s Smallest Children’s Art Gallery – The Prairie Trace Elementary Art students present An Artist’s Voice; Collaborative Voices on Visual Display. This art exhbit is focused on expressing the passions of the young artists at Prairie Trace.

Students at Prairie Trace were challenged by their Art teacher, Mrs. Carnahan, to take the time to think about “things” that they deeply care about; “things” such as what they hope for in the future, “things” they are passionate about pursuing and “things” that stirred their heart and emotions.

Each student at Prairie Trace worked on taking those “things” and translating them into art thus enabling these students to “find their own voice through Art”.

Once the students completed their individual artwork the pieces were put together, by grade level, creating a “cohesive” voice for that grade.

About the Art Teacher – Catherine Carnahan has been teaching Art at Prairie Trace Elementary for 6 years and enjoys teaching a combination of Art History, Media Exploration and Creative thinking. Mrs. Carnahan reports that her students inspire her to find new teaching opportunities to share with them.


The Gallery Annex – The Gallery Annex will showcase new art from the Carmel, Clay and Creekside Middle Schools and Carmel High School.

The CAC’s Community Art exhibit will feature a collection of elementary student art created by art students from Kawachinagano, Japan.

Kawachinagano, Japan has been Carmel’s “Sister City” since 1994 and every year since then the two cities exchange student art. The Carmel Arts Council has been proud to be included in this program. It is a wonderful way that students from these two cities can learn about each other’s cultures.

This year the young artists used “Sumi” ink, which is a special black ink, to draw outlines and detail for their artwork. Next, they applied glue with a brush and put layers of colored, thin Japanese paper over the images they created. When the student applied the layers of papers to the lines a wonderful effect was created.



On September 20th the Carmel Arts Council awarded each of their two student curators, Caroline Armstrong and Alex Thomas, an award for successfully completing the CAC’s Emerging Curator Program and a scholarship of $150.00.



Open House – The Carmel Arts Council will host an open house for Prairie Trace Elementary students and their families and friends on October 8th from 2 until 4pm. The public is welcome to attend.

Arts and Design Scavenger Hunt – The Carmel Arts Council will participate in the October Scavenger Hunt, October 14th from 5 until 9pm.


INTERESTING GALLERY FACTS – The Carmel Arts Council welcomed almost 1700 people to their gallery to see the Carmel Arts Council’s two art exhibitions The Idle Mind and the Portfolios of the 2017 Visual Arts Scholarship Winners, this past summer.


Exhibitors – College Wood Elementary, the CCSS Middle Schools, Carmel High School and the winning scholarship art from the Carmel International Arts Festival.

September Children’s Art Gallery Exhibits

The CAC is proud to present two Exhibits during the month of September.  We welcome everyone to our Gallery to view the awesome art that will be on display.

The World’s Smallest Children’s Art Gallery – The Kindergarten through 8th grade art students from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School worked together to create a “Modern Cathedral”.

Each student worked on a stained glass design depicting symbols describing how they wanted to be known when they reached “sainthood”. To achieve this effect the art students used a mixture of media which included markers, pastels and colored pencils.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s Art Teacher, Mrs. Desiree Hinshaw, is in her first year of teaching Art at OLMC. Mrs. Hinshaw reports that in her new job she “witnessed a great effort in working as a community to ensure the success of a child, as well as encouraging each other to look towards Christ.”

Mrs. Hinshaw had her students work together in order to create a work of art which would depict the “essence” of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

The Gallery Annex

The CAC’s Community Art exhibit will feature a collection of art by the members of Carmel High School’s newly formed National Art Honor Society.

The National Art Honor Society is a national organization designed specifically to recognize high school art student with outstanding ability and interest in the visual arts. NAHS students participate in collaborative art projects that benefit their individual personal artistic growth, the Carmel High School community and the city of Carmel.

The artwork in this exhibition represents the talents of the founding members of the National Art Honor Society chapter at Carmel High School.

 Open House – September 9th – The CAC will host an open house for the National Arts Honor Society chapter of Carmel High School on Saturday, September 9th from 2 until 4pm.

 Open House – September 10th – The CAC will host an open house for the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School on Sunday, from 2pm until 4pm.

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Carmel Arts Council continues its Summer Art Show, The Idle Mind -July 7-August 27th

The Carmel Arts Council’s opening night reception for The Idle Mind welcomed over 300 people to the exhibition!  Refreshments were served and the CAC’s student curators gave a presentation about their show.

Alex and Caroline, will again, be in the CAC’s Children’s Art Gallery on August 11th from 5 until 9pm, to discuss their exhibit.  All is welcome to attend and we look forward to seeing you!

IMG_1251 (1)

Here’s just a sampling of the outstanding art that our curators have selected for their exhibit


The CAC is excited to present our summer art show, The Idle Mind

This art show features a high school art exhibition which was produced by the 2017 Carmel Arts Council student curators, Carmel High School senior, Caroline Armstrong and Carmel High School junior, Alex Thomas.

The high school art selected for this show was chosen specifically to illustrate the theme of the show and focuses on dreams and their ability to spur unpredictable thoughts. The artwork in the exhibit captures concepts that contain a wide scope and keen insight into the human experience of consciousness. When the brain is most disconnected from thinking, it is most connected to the subconscious stream of ideas. The exhibit displays the sophisticated nature of light sleep and the dormant mind along with the daydreams of drifting minds.

The student organized art exhibit is the product of the Carmel Arts Council’s “Emerging Curator Program” and was designed to provide a summer art show for the Carmel Arts Council.

The Idle Mind will open on July 7th and continue until August 27th. The Carmel Arts Council will host an opening night reception on July 8th from 5 until 9pm in the CAC’s Children’s Art Gallery. Refreshments will be provided and the CAC’s student curators will give a brief presentation about the show at 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend!

The Carmel Arts Council’s Children’s Art Gallery is located at 40 West Main Street, in Carmel’s Arts and Design District.

The Emerging Curator Program, was developed in 2014 by CAC members Donna Tutwiler and Harriet Warkel to allow qualified high school students an opportunity to investigate career paths in the fields of art and museum gallery curation by planning and building an art show. The CAC’s student curators benefit from the tutelage of Mrs. Warkel who is an Indianapolis Museum of Art Curator Emerita of American Painting and Sculpture.

This show also grants high school art students a chance to compete for space in an art exhibition as the curators select the art which they feel best fits their theme.

Caroline and Alex- Thank you for your hard work and dedication!  We all look forward to seeing The Idle Mind!

IMG_0961 CACThomas

Caroline Armstrong                             Alex Thomas



On June 20th the Carmel Arts Council announced that Mary Harshbarger and Dinah Knipe  received the Carmel Arts Council’s  “Guild Member of the Year Award” for 2016.  Mary and Dinah have been CAC Guild Members since 2013 and have given, unselfishly, their time and talents to the CAC  by volunteering in our Children’s Art Gallery and at many of the events which the Carmel Arts Council participates in.
Mary and Dinah were presented with a floral tribute and have had their names inscribed on the CAC’s Guild Member of the Year award plaque which will be on display in the Carmel Arts Council’s Children’s Art Gallery located at 40 West Main Street, Carmel
Mary and Dinah – THANK YOU!  Your service to CAC is truly appreciated!



Pleas join us in celebrating our two talented awardees during their show as well as our “Meet the Artist” night!

From May 19 until July 2 the Carmel Arts Council is exhibiting the art portfolios of the 2017 Carmel Arts Council Visual Arts Scholarship 1st and 2nd place recipients in the CAC’s Children’s Art Gallery located at 40 West Main Street in Carmel.

The CAC will also host a “Meet the Artist” night on June 10 from 5 until 9pm in the Children’s Art Gallery. Kathleen Ho, the CAC’s First Place winner and Kathy Huang, the CAC’s Second Place winner will be present to discuss their art.

All are welcomed in celebrating their achievement!

The CAC hours for the Children’s Art Gallery are Friday and Saturday from 5 until 7pm and Sunday, from 2 until 4pm.



Carmel Arts Council announces 2017 Student Curators

The Carmel Arts Council is pleased to announce that Carmel High School students, sophomore Alex Thomas and junior Caroline Armstrong, were selected among several candidates to produce the Carmel Arts Council’s summer art show.

Awarded as Student Curators, these students will begin a series of instructional meetings to learn how to plan and construct an art exhibition. These student curators will be mentored in this process by Mrs. Harriet Warkel, a Carmel Arts Council member and an Indianapolis Art Museum curator with nearly 30 years of experience.

The CAC’s student curator’s art exhibition, which features high school art, will open on July 8, 2017 in the Carmel Arts Council’s Children’s Art Gallery located at 40 West Main Street and continue through August 27.

We look forward to seeing everyone visit to acknowledge their education, dedication and enthusiasm in the Arts- AND viewing a Gallery of outstanding Art by our High School students, of course!

Alex and Caroline – Study ON!  Can’t Wait!!!




Children’s Art Gallery Hours and Events – March 2017

Check out these awesome opportunities to see ART by our young Artists during the month of March!  We are so encouraged to see so much talent in the town of Carmel this month!  Please come join us..

The Children’s Art Gallery Hours and Events for March

The CAC’s Children’s Art Gallery, located at 40 West Main Street, will be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout March from 2pm until 4pm. March student art exhibits will open March 3 and continue through March 26.

Arts and Design District Scavenger Hunt – The CAC is a participant in the A and D District’s Scavenger Hunt event. The gallery will be open March 11 from 5pm until 9pm that evening. The public is invited.

Spring Art Contest Artists Reception – The CAC will host an Artists Reception for all the artists who entered the Spring Art Contest on March 3 from 5pm until 7pm in the CAC’s Children’s Art Gallery. First place winning art will be on display. The public is invited.

Forest Dale Open House – The CAC will host an open house for students, families and friends of Forest Dale Elementary on March 5 from 2pm until 4pm. The public is invited.


2017 Spring Art Contest…Winners Announcement!!!

Drum roll please!……………..

CAC Judges for the 2017 Spring Art Contest, Donna Tutwiler, Dawn Fraley and Cy Donnelly, have determined that the individuals listed below have placed in the contest. The first place winning art will be on display in the CAC’s Children’s Art Gallery throughout the month of March.

All artists who entered their art in the 2017 Spring Art Contest are invited to attend an “Artists Reception” in the CAC Children’s Art Gallery March 3 from 5-7pm and may collect their prizes during this reception.

We applaud all of our young artists in submitting their artwork and were amazed by the talent we viewed!

First Place                        

Kindergarten – Molly McGrath

1st Grade – Alisha Arora

2nd Grade – Ira Bagga

3rd Grade – Jacquie Cain

5th Grade – Isha Matta

7th Grade – Audrey Kunce

8th Grade (tie) – Felicia Sanders and Casey Saas

11th Grade –Sarah Henderson

 Second Place

Kindergarten – Katelyn Bardos

1st Grade – Medora Moen

2nd Grade – Gabriella Stolte

3rd Grade – Henry Chou

5th Grade – Vaisha Majji

7th Grade – Naomi Grossman


Third Place –

Kindergarten – Brian Chow

2nd Grade – Kate Hay

3rd Grade – Arhita Mehta

5th Grade – Maddie Hay

7th Grade – Riley Dugan

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