The Carmel Arts Council wishes to thank all those artists who participated in the CAC’s Winter Art Contest.  The artwork entries were fantastic with over 88 entries!

All artwork entered in the contest, but not picked up the night of the Artists Reception, has been taken to The Great Frame Up located at  21 1st Street, S.W. in Carmel.  Artwork can be picked up there during The Great Frame Up’s business hours.

The CAC will be announcing the details for their Spring Art Contest very soon!  Please check our website and our facebook page for the latest information.

Fast Facts: Last December the CAC welcomed a total of 383 visitors. For the entire year the Carmel Arts Council’s Children’s Art Gallery welcomed over 7,000 visitors, a substantial increase over 2016.

The Carmel Arts Council is very grateful to the many participants from Carmel and our community for their support in providing us with excellent art to showcase in the gallery and many additional thanks for the support of those over 7,000 people who attended our outstanding exhibitions.

The CAC also wants to thank the City of Carmel and the many organizations who support us financially because their support makes it all possible for us to serve the community in the many ways that we do.

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