The World’s Smallest Children’s Art Gallery

Presents Artwork from Towne Meadow Elementary Art Students

New paintings by Towne Meadow Art Students.
A still life painting is a painting that presents an arrangement of inanimate objects as its focus. Most of the time these objects are displayed on a table with dramatic lighting. Often the subjects are fruit, flowers, vases, and drapery.
Shown here in this exhibit are eight examples of still life paintings by some of the great Pioneers of Modern Art. The still lifes displayed are originally by Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Vincent van Gogh, Rene’ Magritte, Georgia O’Keeffe, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Wayne Thiebaud. All paintings were chosen for their unique contribution to the history of the still life art form.
All paintings were made between January and May of 2021 by in-person students. Each grade level collaborated by using hundreds of Q-tips dipped in paint. Together they made thousands, upon thousands of brush strokes to re-create these eight famous still lifes by some of the great masters of modern Art.

Please stop in and see all the wonderful artwork. All are welcome!

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