Gallery Exhibits for February

The World’s Smallest Children’s Art Gallery

The students from Woodbrook Elementary will be presenting Sweetness and Light. This exhibition features artwork the students created after learning about the art of American artist Wayne Thiebaud. Woodbrook students focused primarily on Thiebaud’s paintings of delicious desserts and sweet treats.

About the Art Teacher – Sarah West

Mrs. West has taught Elementary Art for 10 years and is currently in her 4th year of teaching art at Woodbrook Elementary. Mrs. West uses a “Discipline Based” approach to teaching art and incorporates discussions about Art History, Aesthetics, Art Criticism and Art Productions into her lessons. Students are exposed to a variety of two and three dimensional media.

The Gallery Annex

During February the Gallery Annex will continue to showcase artworks created by students from Carmel, Clay and Creekside Middle Schools and Carmel High School.

The CAC’s “Community Art Exhibit” will feature a 3-D “bread tag” dress and a purse created by Carmel High School senior, Danielle Rothchild. Danielle’s creations are in our gallery to showcase her 501©3 “Danielle Cares for Chairs” organization.

Originally the dress and purse were “fashioned” for a recycle and redesign event for the Family Career and Community Leaders of America. The focus of the project was to collect items that needed to be recycled and redesigned into another product. After the event Danielle continued to collect bread tags in order to help the environment.

Then Danielle learned about an 80 year old lady in South Africa who collected and sold bread tags for money and with the money she purchased wheel chairs for needy people.

In 2017 Danielle decided to do the same thing in the United States and created her non-profit organization “Danielle Cares for Chairs”. Danielle reached out to area hospitals, restaurants and schools and asked them to save bread tags for her. She recycled those tags and with the money earned has given mobility chairs to those who need them most and can’t afford them.

Please join Danielle on March 18th at Carmel High School as she plans to draw attention to her organization by creating the world’s longest bread tag chain for the Guinness Book of World Records.


The Carmel Arts Council Honors “Danielle Cares for Chairs”

The Carmel Arts Council honors Danielle Rothchild and her non-profit organization by donating $250.00 to “Danielle Cares for Chairs”. The CAC “chair-ishes” all that Danielle continues to do for those who are in need of mobility and cannot afford a wheel chair.


CAC Children’s Art Gallery Special Events for February

February 4; 2-4pm – The CAC will host an open house for Woodbrook Elementary students and their families and friends. All are welcome!

February 10; 5-9pm – The CAC will host an open house for Danielle Rothchild and her organization “Danielle Cares for Chairs”. The CAC will provide a clue for the Arts and Design District’s Gallery Walk. All are welcome!


Regular Hours
The Gallery is open:

Friday:           5:00PM-7:00PM
Saturday:      5:00PM-7:00PM
Sunday:         2:00PM-4:00PM

The Gallery is also open on the second Saturday of every month from 5pm until 9pm for the Art and Design District’s “Gallery Walk” event. The month of June is Meet the Artist night!

We look forward to seeing you!

Gallery Contact Information
Donna Tutwiler, CAC Gallery Coordinator

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