• February 11, 2023 – Meet me on Main from 5PM – 9PM – Create your own Valentines. All visitors will be given a special treat.

Up Coming Events:

  • March 2023 – Carmel Advisory Committee for Disability: Carmel Advisory Committee for Disability in partnership with Carmel Arts Council invite people with disability, to participate in an art exhibition featuring new work in any visual medium by artists with disability of all ages and abilities.
    Exhibiting artwork is a great way to be part of community life and it’s a nice way to experience validation as an artist. Past exhibitions have been very warmly received by the Carmel community.
    The 2023 exhibition will be displayed online during March 2023 on the Carmel Arts Council website and at the Midtown Plaza big screen. The exhibition may be shown again on the Midtown Plaza big screen in July 2023 and October 2023. In person exhibit will be in the Carmel Arts Council Children’s Art Gallery in March.
    Because the exhibition is virtual, there is no limit on the type, or size of eligible artworks. If it can be photographed it can be in the exhibition! Each artist may submit up to four pieces.
    To be eligible for the exhibition, art must be
    new i.e. not shown in previous exhibitions
    family friendly and without overt advertising of a business, political party or religion
    by an artist with disability residing in Carmel or participating in a program in Carmel. Click here to see more details on how to submit artwork –>
  • Children’s Art Gallery
    A small selection of 2 D and 3D work will be exhibited “live” during March 2023 at the Children’s Art Gallery in Main Street Carmel.
    Due to very limited space, art displayed at the Children’s Art Gallery will be chosen according to gallery rules taking the following factors into account
    Artist age – only work by school aged artists (i.e. those under the age of 22 years) can be displayed in the Children’s Art Gallery
    New work – work displayed in previous exhibitions can’t be shown again in 2023

  • Community Earth Day Exhibits