The Carmel Arts Council’s ” Art in the Garden”

July 18th “Artist of the Day”

Mike Jenneman.  Mike is a talented graphic designer by trade but also is a talented children’s illustrator.  Mike recently illustrated Jim Dworkin’s “Scooter the Mischievous Elf”.

Jim Dworkin, the author of “Scooter the Mischievous Elf”, knew Mike’s work  through several graphic design projects that Mike had created for him.  So when Dworkin asked Mike if he would illustrate his book Jenneman accepted the offer because he had always wanted to do children’s illustrations.   Jenneman and Dworkin are planning to continue the “Scooter” series by creating a series of adventures for Scooter.
Mike will be showcasing his skills at children’s illustrating.  He will show visitors to “Art in the Garden” how to put together the basic structure of illustrations.  Children will love watching Mike work.  The CAC and Mike will be offering coloring pages for children to take home and try their hand at illustration!
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