The Carmel Arts Council’s “Art in the Garden”

September 19th “Artist of the Day”

3:00 PM – 7:00 PM

The Carmel Arts Council is looking forward to its 6th and final “Art in the Garden” event this Saturday, September 19th from 3 until 7pm.  The CAC is honored to feature R. Carol Skinner as our “Artist of the Day”.  Carol who is a Carmel Arts Council founding member is a renown local and nationally known artist. 
Visitors to the CAC’s garden, which is adjacent to the CAC’s Children’s Art Gallery located at 40 West Main Street in Carmel, will have the opportunity to see Carol paint 3 paintings.  The Carmel Arts Council welcomes all to come and learn more about Carol and watch her paint.
Carol’s experience as a professional artist has spanned over 35 years.  As a Herron graduate she put her painting degree to use by teaching and creating art.  Carol has been commissioned by many private individuals and businesses and corporations throughout the state of Indiana.  Carol has also received many awards throughout her illustrious career.  
Along with the many types of art Carol has created she also has a keen interest in history and artistically records landmarks both local and statewide. In fact, Carol has a drawing of the Carmel Arts Council’s Children’s Art Gallery hanging in our gallery.   Carol has also illustrated books and book covers for the Conner Prairie. 
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